The brand

Our deep passion for the life at sea, the desire to influence the marine and leisure apparel segment and to develop excellent products are the core foundations for Aeghir. Our mission is to contribute to the global community by operating a sustainable, profitable and kind establishment. Aeghir offers a small multifunctional and modular clothing line, fit for any occasion and condition. Our products are developed with the highest level of comfort in focus. Furthermorethey are designed to be durable and excel in a wide range of use, from costal cruising to perhaps a round of golf or just the everyday wear for the active guy

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men's collection

Comfortable, multifunctional and developed to last for a long time.
Designed in Sweden and Made In Italy with Italian fabrics. 


We use only the best materials available and work with the most skilled factories we can find, because we truly believe that the smartest thing for both yourself and the environment is to buy less but buy better. Nothing is wasted and therefore the cost of buying an Aeghir product is relatively high, but it is outweighed by a cheaper cost of ownership and longevity of the item.

Size guide

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